Yogi 3 - Yog's Big Clean Up - Cleaned and released for C64 after more than 20 years

Games That Weren't have completed the hatrick of Ash & Dave cartoon licences which were scrapped or lost in the early 1990s. Yogi's Big Clean Up has been recovered and completed and is available now at Games That Weren't. The game was victim to Hi-Tec Software's demise as 8 bit software houses either transitioned to 16 bit computers and consoles or fell by the wayside. Incomplete and without even a soundtrack or a way to transition levels, this game was doomed... Until Martin Pugh picked the source code and spent the last year producing this fully playable Yogi platform adventure.

You play Yogi Bear, who's been tasked by Ranger Smith with the dangerous job of cleaning up the park. You can move around the levels left and right, and also transition to other parts of the level by using the holes and doors located around the maps. Completing each level requires collecting the various trash items and taking them to the bins. You can only carry one item at a time, and It's easy to get lost, so remember where those bins and items are. Hazards like other animals, bee hives, and collapsing bridges will hinder your progress.]

The graphics are crisp, and colourful, with a large and well animated Yogi sprite, and parallax backgrounds. And controls are pretty good, a marked improvement over Yogi's Great Escape and the sequal. Games That Weren't have done a great job completing the level, and while small bugs remain, the action adventure's shine and polish shines through.  Take a trip to Jellystone Park and check it out.

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