Mega Cheril Perils - The Mojon Twins releases their latest Sega Genesis/Mega Drive game!

Popular home-brewers The Mojon Twins’ have announced with 1985 Alternativo that their homebrew title (originally released on the ZX Spectrum) as Cheril The Goddess has been released for the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive as ' Mega Cheril Perils '. Following in a similar style to that of the ZX Spectrum game. Mega Cheril Perils features fab platforming action, high quality detail and a great soundtrack that really feels at home on the Sega Mega Drive.

Playing as a completely naked woman, you must defeat all the Zombies in the game to clean the streets of the deadly virus. But beware not only do you have deadly traps to avoid, you can only kill the Zombies by jumping on the resonator device scattered throughout which when activated emits a special vibration which puts the monsters to sleep , for at least a little while anyway. Once you've done all that it's on to the next screen, and further Zombies to deal with until the Zombie counter reaches 0, and the streets are clean for good!

Once again The Mojon Twins has released a great game to look at and play, and a perfect addition to an ever growing Sega Mega Drive collection. In truth there hasn't been a single game so far published or developed by The Mojon Twins that has disappointed me. So head on over to the download links and enjoy it yourselves, it's FREE!

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