A two player Super Mario Bros hack is finally here!

Amazing news in the romhacking community! 33 years ago Super Mario Bros was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System and just a couple of days ago the romhackers Corpse Grinder and Ti released a two players simultaneous mode for Super Mario Bros! Most of us have forgotten that the original Super Mario Bros actually has a 2-player option, the reason for this is that it is turn based. It is just like paying the game single player, so nobody really cared about this option. If the two player mode would let us play simultaneous, that would be the dream! And now it has come true! And it just works so well!

And that's a good question, exactly how does the two player mode work in this hack? After some playtesting I noticed how important it was to really work together when playing the two player mode. You don't share lives in this game, you each have an individual counter for coins and lives. If one player stands still and the other runs away the screen will just lock, you both have to move forward for the game to progress, this can create some really tough situations as you can unintentionally kill the other player. The first player might jump right into the lava because the other player was to slow and stopped the screen. And because you don't share life it's also important to let the other player that has less life maybe get the next mushroom to stay alive longer. And thankfully there is no collision of the player sprites so it's really easy to move around. This hack works great and its so much fun to play, I'm really recommending you download and try this now!

I don't know how Corpse Grinder and Ti managed to create this hack, it must have been a lot of work but now we finally have a proper and really fun two player mode for one of the most famous and classic games in history! The hack is available to download at Romhacking.net the patch is in XDelta format so you need to download a tool from this which is available at the Utility section at Romhacking.

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