Parasol Stars C64 is in development and it looks fantastic!

One of C64s most heart breaking stories - a fully completed and faithful Commodore 64 port of Parasol stars was lost forever when the developer - Colin Porch's wife destroyed all his disks in an argument.  The story was the subject of an infamous cover up, reported by Ocean and Zzap magazine as a burglery, but has recently been covered in great detail by Games that Weren't and Commodore Format which I recommend you read more about if you haven't already.

Could the story have a final twist in the tale? As yesterday Doc Cosmos developer Simon Jameson has revealed he has been working on his own port of Parasol Stars, and has even shown off some early demo footage for us all.  

I am already super hyped for his original game series: "Doc Cosmos" one of this year's entries in the 16KB Cart compo by @RetroGamerCD which is available now on and the sequel "Doc Cosmos 2" - currently in development - and which uses an enhanced version of the Doc Cosmos engine to support smooth scrolling and the unique PETSCI time shifting mechanic... Simon has announced that following Doc Cosmos 2 he WILL continue to develop Parasol Stars - and who knows.. one of the saddest stories in Commodore game development history could get a happy ending after all!

We'll post more on this story as it develops.  But feel free to follow @evolutegames on twitter as he is constantly posting development updates for his games.


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