A new Amiga game is being developed and it looks fun!

Another heads up today, as thanks to Per Ola and an update from the developer in the RedPill Game Creator group, we've been told Third_Knight aka Czorny, is working on a brand new Amiga game that is being developed using the RedPill Software. Although the game doesn't yet have a title, the creator has released a video update showing an early glimpse of the game while it is still at a work in progress state.

Early Build Footage

Although as we said before it doesn't have a title, the game looks to be a fun for all the family experience, as you play as a cute little frog and must kick a ball into a flagged hole to win the game. Certainly one to watch as it does look to feature cute characters and enemies, dangerous traps, well designed levels, collectible stars for a higher score, and lovely sound effects....

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