A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Indie Retro News

Here we are again with another Christmas and what a year it has been, full of incredible indie games, new homebrews, and lots of retro specials that have amazed even our own writers! From amazing C64 games such as Oyup!, Granny's Teeth 2020, BoxyMoxy, MW Ultra, Alien 8, Fix It Felix Jr and Outrage, to mind blowing games on the Amiga such as Duckstroma, Raid Over Moscow, and Wiz! I mean seriously with the amount of writing done this year, it's been an exhausting yet enjoyable experience.

But let's not forget the Amstrad either, as 2020 for this system has been incredible. Even though we were blown away with the CPCRetroDev competition playing games like The abduction of Oscar Z and Sorcerers. But what really amazed us was not just the special one level xmas remake of Wonderboy which just got a release today, but we also had the pleasure of playing Ninja Carnage, the remake of Alcon 2020(Slap Fight), SGT.Helmet Training Day 2020, Corsair Trainer and previewing the upcoming Atic Atac!

On the topic of the ZX Spectrum, the community was certainly no slouch for this system either. In actual fact the ZX Spectrum saw many incredible games announced through 2020, especially with  Manic Panic, Marsmare: Alienation, Red Raid, Mire Mare, Devwill Too ZX, Vampire Slayer Demo and even the stonking Dizzy release of Wonderful Dizzy; a new game in the Dizzy series, which got a great review by Florinthedwarf noting great graphics, animation, music and story.

And now putting the core retro games aside including all the amazing Atari XL/XE, BBC Micro and MSX games we've been shouting about every month, but we also have to give thanks to the indie game community. Sometimes it isn't all about loading up an emulator, but we like to load up Steam or other such gaming library and have a quick blast on the PC that doesn't have anything to do with the tediousness of Call of Duty. Games such as Dangerous Fen in the Vasya's Mansion, Monkey Plant, DreadStar, Melkhior's Mansion(Demo), Millie and Mollie, MedievaLands The Shadow of Yserbius to name but some of the ones we've enjoyed in 2020!

Sufficed to say I could on and on about every game we've ever posted about this year, the games Florinthedwarf, Hayesmaker, Cola Powered Gamer, DarkwyndPT, or Saberman has reviewed. But apart from some of the games yet to be complete this year, 2020 is going to be a really hard year to beat. So I'll end this by saying I hope you have enjoyed everything Indie Retro News has done this year and not only thanks to all of our fans and twitch streamers for giving us a hearty mention such as Amiga Bill, Hayesmaker64 and Novabug, but a massive thanks to everyone that has sent us news, commented to our articles, been our patreons, or have returned to the site again and again for the very best in retro gaming updates.

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