Polar Panic - A new WIP Amiga OCS game with a chippy soundtrack!

With all the Amiga game announcements this year you'd think the Amiga scene would take a break from announcing new games, but no chance of that any time soon thankfully ;). As Earok has just given us another heads up on the Scorpion Engine Facebook page, that a new Amiga game is coming called 'Polar Panic'; A work in progress Arcade Platformer from Gaz Marshall, that is being created using the rather popular Scorpion Engine.

While the game is still at an early stage, from what we know so far, Polar Panic is a Platformer in which you play as a boy(?) and must traverse cold Polar landscapes while avoiding enemies and picking up Diamonds along the way. The game features smooth scrolling, different enemy types, jumping mechanics, and what really stands out so far is that lovely chippy soundtrack.

Links :1) Scorpion Engine

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