Xevious 1200 - In dev Arcade game for the Commodore Amiga 1200 via JOTD gets a new beta 2

Even more retro gaming news to get through this week, as thanks to yet another heads up earlier today from a good friend of ours, we have been told us that JOTD has released a new beta download for his upcoming Arcade - Amiga conversion of the classic game of Xevious. A game that was originally released in the Arcades by Namco's and then ported to other home computers. To coincide with this update, Saberman has done a video of the game below.

Here is what is described about this latest release for the Commodore Amiga. "This is a transcode from the original arcade game (multiple Z80s) to 68K assembly. The original GAME and SUB CPU ROMs were disassembled and reverse-engineered. Then the code was transcoded line-by-line to 68K assembly. The 'core' code is platform-agnostic and calls out to an operating system dependent (OSD) layer written for each target platform. The original target is the Neo Geo (AES/MVS/CD). It runs in 'tate' mode. Subsequent targets include the AGA Amiga".


  • - Mark McDougall (aka tcdev): reverse-engineering, core and Neo Geo code and assets
  • - Jean-Francois Fabre (aka jotd): Amiga code and assets
  • - Andrzej Dobrowolski (aka no9): Amiga music
  • - Namco: original game :)
NEW UPDATE :  "Mark also adapted Super Xevious (slight fixes / improvements if you call useless enemies improvements) and the next move will be to be able to choose between Xevious & Super Xevious. ADF & HD versions released separately (HD version contains an uncompressed version of the exe to avoid issues, ADF has a cranker-packed version because RNC was looping forever on the last exe!) ".

Links :1) Source (hitting "5" adds a coin and the "1" or "2" starts a one or two player game)


  1. Accurate coin-op conversion and an overall impressive achievement! Many thanks and congratulations to the team!

  2. Does this have to run from floppy? or can it run from WB, it freezes when I run the .exe

  3. Good game. Contrats ! It would ne nice to add a music choice with something a bit easier to sustain, because we can really hear that un the music department thé game is 40 Yeats old ! ;-)

  4. I see it's still got those ground-based enemies updating at 15 FPS. This was common for Amiga games to have smooth scrolling at 30FPS, but gameplay running at 15 FPS to preserve CPU time. I wonder if it's possible to keep just the ground-based enemies at 30FPS so they don't judder-up and down against the smooth scrolling... it's still in beta, so hopefully this can come with polish and optimisation. Nevertheless, its an impressive feat to create a super-accurate port like this. :)

  5. Good game. Congrats ! It would ne nice to add a music choice with something a bit easier to sustain, because we can really hear that in the music department the game is 40 Years old ! ;-)

  6. Not bad. Apart from the more earth-like landscape it looks like a clone of Xenon for the Amiga, which had much better music. The player's ship is quite similar and its movement and reaction seems to be always a bit slower than that of the enemies as well. This is why the original Xenon used to be un-playable for me on my A500 from level two and I was only able to finish the game when I played it with Whdload and activated trainer options from harddisk years later on my A1200. By the way, Xenon did not have a real ending. It was not meant to be beaten - only to beat other players when you once died of exhaustion with a higher score. After level 4 it will simply start over with level 1 while your score is increasing, so infinite lives meant infinite playing. Can you reveal if Xevious has got a real ending, that the aliens will be defeated in the end?


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