Electroman - Another early ( alpha? ) version update of Electroman for the Commodore Amiga AGA

Remember when we announced here on Indie Retro News the Amiga game of 'Electroman', an Alpha version of a game port that was originally released by Messrs, Janusz Pelc and Maciej Mi─ůsik for the MS-DOS platform back in 1992? Well there's some good news for those that have played the early alpha. As thanks to Saberman contacting us just moments ago, he has told us that tukinem has released another big update to his work in progress Amiga version.

Although a more detailed write up about the game can be found here, this is what the creator says about this version that can be downloaded below. "I think it's almost the entire demo of playing with 1 level. I don't remember honestly if there is anything left to add to the game, but here is the list of changes from this week:

  • - AGA detection removed ( especially for Vampire )
  • - improved control in the chamber where there was an error in the Saberman video
  • - stable division, i.e. faster should calculate the numbers of tiles for collision
  • - one tile moved covering the arrow because it was in the wrong place
  • - sounds when shooting no longer overlap
  • - shooting sounds added to the game
  • - shot collisions introduced when we shoot at the wall
  • - collisions added with satellite arrows and with flowing green acid from pipes
  • - added shooting of upper and lower cannons and handling of hero collisions with cannon arrows
  • - spider shooting added in both directions
  • - collision with spider arrows
  • - cannon shooting down added
Links :1) Forum  2) Download


  1. If I am honest, this doesn't look great, especially for AGA.

  2. great game! but how can i play it?)


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