Donkey Kong - A famous 80's game is getting an Arcade like Commodore Amiga conversion!

In the early 80's Nintendo released one of the most famous games of all time, and that game was ' Donkey Kong '. A game in which you played as Mario that had to avoid obstacles across a number of platforms, with sometimes a hammer in hand to save a damsel in distress from a giant barrel throwing ape called Donkey Kong. That same game which also made an appearance on the Amiga by Bignonia, will soon be getting an Arcade conversion/port by none other than JOTD. A developer who also released other Arcade conversions such as Galaxian and Super Xevious 1200

Here is what JOTD had to say about Donkey Kong Arcade which is being created using 68k assembly for the Commodore Amiga. "Well, that's the reason why i temporarily stopped converting Moon Patrol

- Commented disassembly already existed and was very good

- corresponding ROM was available on MAME with same addresses and all

- Mark (tcdev) provided the graphics. He decided to let me lead the project after he started the disassembly himself

- The sprites are pretty simple to figure out and convert

- There are dynamic palettes for tiles, but seem to affect only rows, which is a breeze for the copper and leaves enough colors for the rest, for a total of 32 colors (22 used total).

There are a lot of bugs, you'll notice that collision is off because of that (barrels are pretty much buggy for now), but 3 screens can be viewed in the below video. Last screen crashes (on purpose for now). Not playable but you'll see the potential immediately I hope".

And that's all we have to say on this game thus far, but as soon as we know more, we promise to let you know! - Thanks Per Ola Eriksson and Saberman for the heads up.


  1. YAY! My childhood game. The Amstrad CPC by Ocean was probably a best looking port. Amiga can fix that.

  2. Why not make it 64 colors for slightly better than the arcade look? SNES always did this to their fave was Ms. Pacman from Tengen.

  3. Tom Mix software did a very good port for the Dragon 32 - Donkey King. Shame about the colours though - either B&W or the bizarre 4 colour pallete. You could shoose which version to load off the tape IIRC.


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