The Last UFO - A new WIP shooter styled Amstrad CPC game

Moving on from the rather cool C64 release 'Blap 'n Bash' , another game which is gathering some interest is invent's CPC styled game ' The Last UFO ', which isn't at this moment a straight forward Amstrad CPC title. Looking to be a shooter with nasty traps, multiple enemies and rooms you play as an alien that is trying to escape earth using a UFO with the ability to blast the baddies aside.

As it is a work in progress game, we don't have a firm release date nor do we know much more about the game including the story. But the developer has said that once the Amstrad Graphics/Map/Design is done, he plans to create (ZX Spectrum, C64, Amiga and then modern PC/Mac/Linux spritesets).

As soon as we know more, we will give you the heads up!

Links : 1) Discussion

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