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1001 Spikes - More spikes more fun and 4 player mode!

8bitboy - Retro Platformer Steam exclusive, available to buy now!

Abandoned - Platformer inspired by the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games

A Game with a Kitty 3 - A cute Indie Platformer that's Free!

A Walk in the Dark - An action platformer set in a dark, strange and dangerous world

A Man's Quest - Difficult Platformer Puzzler ( Free Indie Game )

Adventure Time: A Boy And His Dog - A Platformer based on the Adventure Time cartoon, in retro graphics

Alter Ego: DreamWalker - Free multiplatform pixelated platformer!

Alien Splatter - Retro inspired action platformer (Free Game)

Ambrea 3 - Gameboy style Platformer

A.N.N.E - Platformer Shoot Em Up hybrid (Kickstarter)

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures 

Aaru's Awakening - Hand drawn 2D action platformer with a demo tease for Steam Greenlight

Axiom Verge - HIGH QUALITY metroid clone platformer

Apotheon - Capsized Developer New Platformer!

8BitBoy - Fun Platformer for all the family

8-Bit Commando - Old Skool HQ Platformer

8-Bit Night - Platformer Puzzler

8-BIT HALLOWEEN - Platformer

Baby Mummy's Curse - Classic Platforming fun with an old school style

A Game with a Kitty 3 - Platformer

Arvoesine - Nes Style Platformer now Free

Archibald's Adventures - [ Platformer ]

A.R.E.S Extinction Agenda - HQ Platformer ( Metroid Style )

Barbarians and the Necromancer's Tower - Free retro Castlevania inspired platformer

Bean's Quest - High Quality Platformer

Bomb Detective - 2D Platformer Retro

Blocks That Matter - Platform/Puzzle

Blood Alloy - Action Platformer (Kickstarter)

Bloody Trapland - Fast Paced Multiplayer Gorish Platformer (+DEMO)

Bit of War - Gods of War Demake, Platformer

BiT: Evolution - A modern-retro platformer that pays homage to Retro gaming! (Kickstarter+Demo)

Bonesaw - Brilliant Nes style [ Platformer , Action ]

Buddy and Me - Beautiful looking Platformer with a kickstarter

Bullet Bros - An Action Platformer with a Contra throwback (Kickstarter)

Bun-Fu: Way of the Rabbit - High quality Platformer for Android!
Castle in the Darkness - retro-styled exploration platformer

Candlelight - Adventure Platformer + Demo

Capsized - Looks awesome!

Catacomb Kids - A brutal platformer roguelike from the depths of the catacombs (Kickstarter)

Cave Story + - On steam!

Chasm - 2D Action Platformer

Climb to the top of the Castle - Action/Platformer

Clockefeller - 2D Platformer that shifts gravity (Steam Greenlight)

Corril Slayer - Horror Platformer

Core of Innocence - A Platformer that's just a bit too mature!

Crystal Catacombs - Retro inspired "Megavanian" love letter for Steam Greenlight!

Dark Matter - Classic platforming action with a deep storyline (kicktstarter)

Delta One - Platformer ( recommended )

Doomed n Damned - Retro inspired Platformer

Dustforce - Platformer

Dust: An Elysian Tail - Intense Action Platformer RPG

Dynamite Alex - Upcoming Platformer Shooter for PC and Android

Dizzy Returns - The all time classic retro platformer is back with a kickstarter !

Drawn 2 - High Quality Puzzle Adventure

DROP - A nod to Mega Man X (Kickstarter)

Elliot Quest - A new Adventure Platform Game appears on indiegogo! (+Demo)

Electro Bobble - Vertically scrolling “bullet-hell” style platformer

Endeavor - High Quality Flash Platformer

Edge Of Space + Kickstarter - open world sandbox survival adventure game

Ex Vitro - Abuse Style Shooter Platformer

Environmental Station Alpha - HQ metroidvania style platformer

Feyna's Quest - [ Platform , Rpg ]

Fire Point - Can you put the fires out in this free Platformer?

Freefire - Free Arcade Platformer

Frogatto - HQ Adventure platformer with over thirty levels

From Primordial Egg - [ Platformer , Evolution ]

Ghost Song: A Journey of Hope - A 2D sci-fi metroidvania with feeling (Kickstarter)

Grand Mystic Quest of Discovery - C64 Style Platformer!

Grapple Knight - Another retro inspired Platformer ready to grapple your fun! (Kickstarter/Steam Greenlight+Demo)

Guacamelee! Gold - Metroid-vania style action-platformer with a mexican vibe!

Hero Quest - A rather well made freeware Platformer game

Hydra Castle Labyrinth - 2D

I Am Level - A free retrotastic platformer in a pinball style (RELEASED!)

Into the Underdusk - Find your lost locket in this dark Platformer

Insanity's Blade - Retro inspired 8-bit platformer (Kickstarter)

Inexistence - Metroidvania platformer with RPG elements (Kickstarter)

It Belongs in an Ancient Ruin - retro platformer

Jables Adventure – Platformer

Jasper Journeys - [ 2D platformer ]

Knytt Underground - HQ Platformer

La Mole - Free run and jump platformer

Land of Enki - Recommended platformer and it's free!
La-Mulana 2 - The hit Adventure Platformer is set for a return (Kickstarter)

L'Abbaye des Morts - A style close to Spectrum ZX

Limbo 2 - Horror Platformer Sequel

Lilith and the Golden Arrow - (iOS) Run and Jump Platformer

Lao's Quest - A retro Platforming mix of Rick Dangerous and Kings Valley II

Lyle in cube sector - [ Retro , Platformer ]


Last breath - HQ 2D Flash Platformer

Lode Runner - Retro Platformer

Lode Runner Classic - Retro Puzzle Platformer (iOS and Android)

Lumenox: Aaru's Awakening - A stunning dreamy 2D action platformer (+Demo)

Magicite - Multiplayer Platformer RPG with permanent death, up for early access on Steam!

Mari0 - Portal Platformer Retro!

MARiA - SNES style Platformer aims for mobile devices (Kickstarter)

Mega Mash - Shooter/Action/Platformer Game Flash Retro

Metal Slug 3 - Pre order now available on Steam for an amazing Action classic!

Maldita Castilla - Ghosts N Goblins Inspired

Metanet Hunter: REMIX - A fun retro inspired Platformer
Monster Prince And The Eternal Kingdom - Free 8 and 16-bit inspired Platformer

momodora 2 - HQ platformer

Momodora III - Classic action platforming fun needs your Steam Greenlight votes

Mushroom Kingdom Fusion - Mario Platformer

Mutant Mudds - HQ platformer

Nightmare Night - Free Platformer that looks like a Gameboy game!

Nihilumbra - A gorgeous adventure platform game

Noitu Love 2 - HQ Platformer

Ninja Senki - NES style platformer!

Ninja Torappu - Free Platformer in a Gameboy flavour!

Oliver and Spike Dimension Jumpers - HQ Adventure Platformer

Owlboy - HQ platformer

Out There Somewhere - Platformer

Oniken - Nes Style Action Platformer ! ( Ninja Gaiden/Strider )

Painajainen - Recommended - [ Platformer ]

Pixelshere - A pixel art platformer with a musical experience (Kickstarter)

Project Black Sun - 2D Platformer (+DEMO)

RamBros - Co-op Platformer

Red Rogue - A Sidescrolling, Action Beat Em Up Game

Rex Rocket - 2D Platformer of 8-bit Retro goodness! (Kickstarter)

Ripple Dot Zero - Classic Platforming action in this 16bit inspired free game!

ROCKETBIRDS - Co-Op Shooter Platformer

Rogue Guardian - [ Platformer ]

Robotriot Unleashed - HQ Platformer

Rush to Adventure - Zelda & Mario inspired Action Adventure! (Pre-Alpha)

Savage: The Shard of Gosen - Retro inspired Platformer reaches for Kickstarter/Steam Greenlight

Sewer King - Explore the depths and find treasure in this free game

Scythe of the Abyss - Free Indie Action Platformer in a NES style

Seraphim Flame & The Hanrahan Game-Final Mix - [ 2x Platformer ]

Shadowcrypt - Castlevania style game now available to buy -

Shovel Knight - Platformer, but with a Shovel!

Slay Those Pixels - Fun pixelated Platformer (+Demo)

Spud's Quest - If you loved Dizzy, you'll love this Retro inspired Adventure/Platformer

Snow Tale - HQ Platformer

Space Rotary - In a quest through the universe (Free Platformer)

Spelunky HD - The rebirth of a hit game now available on PC!

Sonic After The Sequel - A really good fan based sonic game!

Soul Brother -Platformer

Stargirl and the Thief from the Exploded Moon - Platformer

Street Fighter X Mega Man Announced – Free Game Coming On December 17th

Surface - Free Arcade Platformer with hardcore difficulty

Super Bunny Insurrection - 16-bit Comedy Webcomic Platformer‏

Super Cyborg - Contra NES Inspired

Super Mario Bros X - 1.3 Released! Relive those Retro Platforming days

Super Retro Squad + Kickstarter - Platformer

Super Mario Bros Crossover 2.0 - Platformer

The Art of Dying - Free challenging platformer!

The Temple of Sacred Flame - Free Indie Platformer

The end of the world - Full free remake of a popular platformer

Tiny Barbarian - platformerThe Creature - Platformer

Trine - a physics-oriented, side-scrolling action/platformer

Trine 2 - Beautiful!

Treasure Adventure Game - 2D Platformer

Treasure Adventure World - Adventure open-world Steam Greenlight success and a Demo!

Treasure Hunter Man - Platformer

The Adventure of a gnome unfortunate - Platformer ( Free Game )

The Iconoclasts - High Quality Platformer

Tobe's Vertical Adventure - High Quality Platformer

TowerFall - Pixelated brilliance of Platforming combat (+Demo)

TowerClimb - Permadeath Platformer

Twinkle Tales: the legend of the Snowimps - Free Platformer in a wintry landscape!

Unepic - Castlevania-style 2D platformer

Ultionus: A Tale of Petty Revenge - A gameplay love letter to the 80's - 90's, now available! +Demo

Valdis Story: Abyssal City - A stunning Action Platformer is now available on Steam (+Demo)

Vessel - Physics based Platformer

Vertex - HQ Platformer

Vest Trials: Approaching Dawn - Large Platformer

Vindicator : Uprising - A pixelated 2D platformer is now available for FREE

Volgarr the Viking - Hardcore Action experience

Willy's World - Arcade Platformer

Wizard Hult - Platformer/Puzzles Flash

WizardWizard - Free Platforming with awesome beats by _TWC (pre-release now available)

Waking Mars

Warlock Bentspine - 2D platformer

WYRD - A Gameboy style platformer with an unusual color palette

Zombie Mode - Epic Action filled Platformer (Kickstarter)


Blubber - An Indie platform puzzler with increased difficulty! (Android)


BoulderDash TheFullCollection - Action Puzzle (Android)

Brave Bit - Micro Platform Puzzle game with a kickstarter

Box Out! - Free the little box from a factory of platform difficulty

Byte.Protocol - A free Indie Puzzle game that's fun to play!

Call of Khafra released free! - Inspired from Konami's 1985 King's Valley.

Dipidid - Platform Puzzler featuring 30 levels!

Enigmabot - Free Indie Platform Puzzler that's fun to play

Gumboy Tournament - [ Puzzle / Platformer ]Gunpoint 

INOQONI - Puzzle & Platform game that looks stunning (Android/iOS)

Land of Grey - Free Platformer that's just a little bit fustrating!

Lava Climber - Gore Flash Platformer Puzzler

Lode Runner Classic - Retro Puzzle Platformer (iOS and Android)

Lost Galaxy - Fun Indie Puzzle game for your browser

Mibibli's Quest - Another crazy platformer with high difficulty!

Molecats - A challenging indirect-control puzzle game with neat graphics now for open beta! (Steam Greenlight)

Momodora III - Platformer

OddPlanet - a side-scrolling game about exploration & puzzle solving

Offspring Fling - 100+ level Cute HQ Platformer

PushCat - Fun HQ BoulderDash Style

Puzzle Quest ( High quality ) - [ Puzzle ]

Pulse Shift - First person puzzle platformer

Project Giana + Kickstarter - Beautiful Platformer

Protanopia - Free Puzzle game that's all about the colour

Rusty Orb - Physics based puzzlers

Sockman - Challenging Platformer

Spuds Quest + Kickstarter - A Dizzy style platform game with nice detail!

Sqrxz  1 & 2 & 3 - Retro Puzzle Platformer Trilogy!

suteF - Escape from the dreaded land known only as the 'Abyss.'

Swindler - Flash Puzzle/Platformer

The Land of Eyas - Happy Square Productions hope for funding in this Platform Puzzler!

Teslagrad - 2D puzzle-platformer with the power of electricity and magnetism (+Demo)

Tekkyuuman - [ Puzzle , Gore , Platformer ]

Test Chamber - Brainbastic Puzzle game from Shark Jump Studios is now available!

TrapThem - Puzzle Shooter in a retro style (Steam Greenlight/Demo)

The Cave - A Puzzle/Platformer by Double Fine

The Joylancer: Legendary Motor Knight - Gameboy style Platformer in Beta!

Tox - Puzzle Roguelike for the Seven-Day Roguelike (7DRL) Challenge

TwinBots - Free Indie Platformer, can you free the bots?


You Have to Win the Game - VVVVVV Style Fustrating Platformer

Wyv and Keep - A stylish grid-based action/puzzle game now for Linux (+DEMO)