Wings : Remastered Edition - Due for PC release!

Good news everybody and especially to the Kickstarter backers, as Wings : Remastered Edition which is an overhaul of the arcade/flight Amiga simulator Wings, is due for release this week! Developed by Cinemaware and after a successful second Kickstarter launch, Wings : Remastered is a World War 1 dogfight combat game intermixed with top down bombing runs and strafing missions in an arcade theme.

This release has been eagerly waited by the fans as many gamers still remember the classic Wings release on the Amiga from 1990. It earned some of the highest reviews of all Amiga games and still has a huge fan base across the world with high priced originals being sold on Ebay.

Although purists will still prefer the original, the latest remastered edition pretty much overhauls the entire game in the graphics department, from both the dogfighting missions to the base briefings and original cutscenes. But keeps the core gameplay intact as that area was almost perfect and didn't need to be touched!

Before and After

According to Cinemaware, Wings Remastered is being readied for release on the PC, with a mac version following shortly after (depending if no technical issues are found). The Android and iOS versions will be finished up over the next 2 weeks, as they require additional, specific changes and adaptations to their input (touch) interfaces and many controller adjustments. In addition, Wings (1990) Amiga Emulated Edition is also coming along and will hopefully be available to all of you in PC, iOS and Android formats soon - with Mac a strong possibility!

We are getting close to launch day - in fact, VERY CLOSE, as our current goal is to make Wings! Remastered Edition tentatively available by end of tomorrow! 
The team is still working incessantly on the final touches, bug fixes, content adjustments and so many things that are necessary to get a project like this into your hands. Of course, there are always things to improve and polish is a never-ending exercise, but we now feel it's important to get the main version of the game into your hands so that you can get playing soon!  
However, if additional fixes or technical issues prevent us from launching the game by tomorrow (Sept. 30th), we will make it a goal to get the game out the door on a DAILY basis! We are almost there!
Head on over to the latest Kickstarter update and look forward to a release any day now!


  1. I think that you should support AmigaOS 4.x, MorphOS and AROS also! You should thank Amigans which have donated to this project. Please support Amiga today!

  2. You will never see a such a port. Even if they released the source-code, that source-code will be near to useless to Amiga-users. This game is made using Unity3D. There is and most likely never will be Unity3D on AOS4 or MorphOS. There is no shader-support. There is no market. Hey, there even is no Warp3D for RadeonHD on AOS4 until now (and that would still be less 3D support than OpenGL 1...).
    Their source-code release statement was nothing else than part of their strategy to pull some money from Amiga user with low technical knowledge. Simple as that.

  3. That's a bit harsh Realist. You've said it yourself, there is no market. I'd love an Amiga version but it's not Cinemaware's place (at its current small-on-budget-team state) to revive the Amiga gaming market. I'm sure they will do anything possible to release an Amiga version, but if it's not possible for technical reasons or otherwise... I wouldn't blame *them*.

  4. No, don't get me wrong:
    I don't blame them for not making an AmigaOS4 / MorphOS port.

    I blame them for creating false hopes for people like Michael Bergseth by writing stuff like "we will provide the source-code so somebody in your comunity can port it" in Amiga forums right when their Kickstarter-campgain started... They must have known that a Unity3D based source-code will not make it happen on AmigaOS4, so my conclusion is:
    those statements were made primarily to trick Amigans into pushing additonal money into their campaign.
    And since they don't tell people like Michael Bergseth that a port won't happen, I'll do ;)

  5. a CD32 version is coming :)


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