Retro-Pixel Castles - Village simulation Kickstarter success!

SixtyGig Games must be overjoyed right about now over their latest village simulation game "Retro-Pixel Castles" of which we featured. As not only is it a Kickstarter success raising over $5,597 but they have also been greenlit on Steam Greenlight!

For those that didn't read our previous write up, Retro-Pixel Castles has you managing a village that has both survival and tactical gameplay. You can mine for resources, place new buildings, unlock more content as you play, like additional buildings, items and units all on a massive 512x512 map with loads of possibilities. The task in all this? Just keep playing, watch your little villages fall in love and try to survive as long as possible against the nasties waiting to eat you all up!

There is a demo on the website of which I have played and not only did the retro graphics really appeal, it was highly addictive even at such an early stage. Although I did not directly control my villagers it was all done through my commands of specific tasks that I wanted doing, such as mining, chopping down wood or building buildings. However it did make me chuckle when the villagers started falling in love with each other as it reminded me of Beasts 'n Bumpkins

Highly recommended and well worth pledging for!

PC, Mac, Linux

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