K240 - Amiga sequel to the amazing Utopia playable on a PC/MAC

Released in 1994 came a game that almost took the throne from Utopia, a space strategy game with such brilliance in gameplay, that many could not put it down. Although Utopia had you on different planets building, researching and moving units into enemy areas. In K240 you are based in a sector of space with the focus of the game to build colonies on a clusters of asteroids, mine them for ore and defend yourself against other races. And so this fantastic game that everyone should play at least once has been packaged together by GamesNostalgia with the emulator FS-UAE to make it easier to launch.


For me Utopia far excelled over this game as it was much easier to use, with K240 having far more micro management and brain bashing statistics. Although there was a sequel to K240 called Fragile Allegiance on the PC, I still always go back to Utopia as I used to love managing a mighty planet based colony, mining for resources and getting my tanks ready to invade the other race on the same planet. It's just a shame you couldn't see the enemy base in the same way you could in K240. 

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