Grelox - Action platformer with a retro vibe gets another tease

Not long ago we gave a hearty mention to Sunteam's WIP action platformer of ' Grelox ', which looked like a mix of an old DOS game with the flavour of a NES title, but turned out to be an upcoming PC game using a non limited Master System palette to give it that authentic feel. Thankfully the game is still progressing well as of this week the team behind the game has released a new video show casting updated levels and enemies.

This game is at the top of my most wanted list and I can't wait to see the end result, but as of this moment according to the description level 1-3 are now fully mapped, level 4 is part way through the mapping stage, The tileset for level 5 is complete and much more progress has been made with the enemies including new enemies and populated the first three levels.

Links :1) More detail

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