Inviyya - HOT NEWS as in development Amiga Shoot Em Up gets its first DEMO!

The Amiga is coming in HOT this year, as after already mentioning Jump!, Project Horizon, and Bagman, along comes another great update for the in-development Amiga shoot em up 'Inviyya', which is being developed by TigerSkunk and Premium for the Amiga 500 and up. Yes indeed we have another update for you, but unlike last time when it was yet again a video tease, this time the team behind the game have released the very first demo as a pre-beta experience!

Although this is the very first time gamers can have a proper early experience of the game, the team have also told us in regards to the full version. It will be coming to the Amiga 500, have parallax scrolling, lots of objects on screen, logo by demo scener Premium, and finally almost all of the game will be running 50fps with just the slightest of hiccups.

Links :1) Website  2) Donation 

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