DayZ - Where is the Standalone Release?

Rocket has just released some updated information on what the hell is happening with DayZ Standalone, as many of us have been asking, Where is the Standalone release?

Before we get onto that a little bit about DayZ. This mod for Arma 2 is one of the best Online Zombie Apocalypse Survival games you can play. The aim to survive by any means possible, you can be a good guy, by just scavenging the landscape or by looting for food and supplies.

Estranged - Half-life 2 Mod

How about a FPS Mod that is not only for Half-Life 2 but contains a story and has Zombies? Well, that's exactly what we have here, with a game mod called Estranged. Explore the well designed Island and meet the curious inhabitants as you try to find a way back to the mainland.

TowerClimb - Permadeath Platformer

TowerClimb is a game which the developer claims is a difficult and rewarding procedurally generated platformer. What that means is, when you die it's permanent and every time you restart you're a different person in a different Tower.

WinVICE 2.4 - Commodore Emulator + Metal Dust Retro C64 Shoot em up

WinVice is a really great Versatile Commodore Emulator. It emulates most of the fantastic Commodore systems of our nostaligic years including....Wait for it...... Commodore C64, C128, VIC20, PET, PLUS4 and the CBM-II, as well as the C64 DTV, and it runs on Win32, Unix, DOS, RiscOS, OS/2, BeOS, QNX, SkyOS, AmigaOS and GP2X systems. 

Ur-Quan Masters HD - Free adventure/combat/RPG

Released back in probably the best gaming years of the 90's, this space adventure/combat/RPG was an all time classic for the PC, it also had a number of ports. Originally titled Star Control II, then remade by fans to The Ur-Quan Masters we finally have the HD version called Ur-Quan Masters HD


I know for a fact that we have a lot of Dungeon Crawler fans on this site as I can see by the stats! So here we have another Dungeon Crawler to show you. This game is called DEEPFALL DUNGEON which is a Free 3D first person dungeon crawling fantasy role playing game.

Nvidia GeForce 310.90 WHQL Drivers

Nvidia has released the latest 310.90 WHQL drivers for a multitude of Nvidia based graphics cards. Although this is not an Indie/Retro game, you will need the latest graphics drivers for some titles, especially if they have any issues.

War Z Hacker Takes Game Servers Down - News

As many of you know, during this week many of the servers were down as was the forums! At first it looked as if it was a DNS issue, but they were actually under attack by someone at the time who was unknown to the community. Well today there has been an exclusive interview on YouTube with the hacker himself.

WarZ - Our Anti-Hack is Successful, but that's not all

According to the developers the WarZ anti-hack/cheat has been successful, though overtime being more effective and reliable. Not just that but anybody caught hacking will be perm banned as from today 4TH JAN. No longer will they ban you for 72hrs but it will stay all the time! Though personally I find this hard to believe regarding the success rate.

StarCry Wars - Crysis Wars MP Mod

Now my first thought's of this was Stargate, however, it's actually called StarCry Wars which is a Multiplayer mod with numerous references of science fictions. Most likely it was going to be called Stargate but wasn't allowed due to copyright issues.

WarZ - Katana Additions!

The developers of WarZ are giving us all a free gift, basically to say Sorry for all we've had to put up with. This gift is basically a new addition to the game, a brand new weapon for you to slice and dice your enemies to a bloody mess. Yes they are adding a Katana, but that's not all!

Slender : The Arrival - HORROR

A game which scared many people with some crying behind sofa's was called Slender. The aim of the original game to basically find eight pages attached to certain areas in an experimental horror setting of Dark Woods. But that's not all, as you are being stalked by a creepy entity that grows more persistent and relentless as each page is collected. Be careful though as this evil entity is ready to take you as soon as you even look at him. And thus we have this upcoming sequel, Slender : The Arrival.

Moonshades - Dungeon Crawler RPG (Browser Based)

We have a lot of fans of Dungeon Crawler based games on our site, going by the stats, so without further a do here comes Moonshades. This is a Browser Based title, which means you don't have to download the game to play, it's all in your Browser. Inspired by Eye of the Beholder and all the other old school Dungeon Crawlers, Moonshades is a WebGL first-person RPG that is currently in Alpha.

War for the Overworld - Kickstarter Success

Can I just give a "woohoo" as we have another Kickstarter Success, War for the Overworld has achieved it's kickstarter goal! That's right, it's the game that contains the best components from the RTS and god game genres such as Dungeon Keeper, Overlord, StarCraft and Evil Genius.

WarZ - Under Attack

Things are just getting worse and worse for WarZ, the online Zombie Apocalypse game, as we are now getting reports that the servers are under attack. At first they told us it was DNS issues but it now looks as if it's a full DDOS attack, either some disgruntled banned user or angry customers are out for revenge.

I, Mayor - Town Simulator

A small Indie game in the like of SimCity and other such Town/City building simulators has been released called I, Mayor. In I, Mayor your basic goal is to build your city into a huge metropolis and become rich. However you have to fulfill your citizen's needs or there will be no chance of that happening.

Jurassic Life - Jurassic Park Mod For Half-Life 2

"Raww I'm a Dinosaur, I'm going to eat you all up". Well not really, but for those that want to kill Dinosaurs and play in Jurassic Park with a keyboard and mouse, may well get that chance! That's right, Jurassic Park is coming to your PC via a Mod for Half-Life 2.

Elite : Dangerous - Space Sim Kickstarter Success

Remember that huge article I wrote about Elite Dangerous and the original Elite? Well if you haven't, check out the article here. But we have good news, finally! The kickstarter was a success, that's right we will finally get a new Elite for a new generation, something many of us having been waiting years for.

WarZ - Server Issues

As many of you know WarZ has had some major problems lately not just connecting to the master server but those that do get in, find most of the servers not listing, crashing or skipping badly while playing. Yes you can use the DNS fix which we provided earlier however according to the developers they are looking into. The head guys did mention fixing most of it last night, firstly see if it's GREEN in your area then you don't need the DNS fix. 

Fire Arrow - Shoot em up

It's time for Fire Arrow, which is a really cool looking Shoot em up that takes us back to the age of the Arcade/Retro console days that we couldn't stop playing for a higher score.

Paranormal - A fully dynamic haunting-simulator

Hope everyone had a good night last night and didn't drink too much, today it's time for Paranormal which is a fully dynamic haunting simulator to give you the feeling of being an Investigator and of cause to scare the bleepers out of you!