Remakes & Retro


Companions of Xanth, Shannara & Death Gate available for FREE!

Eye Of The Beholder 3 - Dungeon Crawler fans behold! A special free treat from Indie Retro News

Games I remember, with a remake - Dungeon Master

Games I remember, with a remake - Green Beret

Games I remember, with a remake - Mega Lo Mania

Games I remember, with a remake - Skool Daze

Games I remember with a remake - THRUST


0 A.D - A FREE high quality open source strategy game that has a new Alpha build

Bloodwych - Classic Dungeon Crawler RPG gets a remake! 

CaesarIA - Caesar III new open source remake

CorsixTH - (Open Source Theme Hospital)

(CorsixTH) - The ultimate open source strategy game, now available for your Android!

Commander Genius - Classic DOS based Commander Keen interpretation software

Deuteros : The Next Millennium - New Alpha V.0.1.19 Remake Release!

Deuteros - Another PC remake in the works!

Dune 2 - History and Remakes

Dune 2 - 1992's Hit Retro RTS is now available for Android devices

Freeciv - Open-Source Inspired Civilization game (New version release)

FreeCol - Colonization open Source

FreeOrion - Master Of Orion Source

Gigalomania - Open Source Mega Lo Mania

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Plus - Classic platforming MOD reaches v5.0!

Knights and Merchants Remake - RTS KaM Remake r6720 Released!

Oolite: Inspired by the 8-bit classic Elite gets a 1.80 release

OpenIG : Imperium Galactica Open Source Remake

OpenMW v0.31.0 - Open Source Morrowind gets a violent release

OpenTTD - Open Source Transport Tycoon Deluxe now allows map sizes up to 4096x4096!

OpenXcom - A top Quality open-source UFO: Enemy Unknown release!

Outcast 1.1 - An enhanced version of a hit classic, today on Steam! 

Return to the Roots - Open Source The Settlers II

Shadow of the Beast Legacy : Popular remake gets another update! 

Unknown Horizons - Anno 1602 open Source

Warzone 2100 - The greatest Open Source remastered RTS hits 3.1.1

WideLands - Open source freeware remake of Settlers II

REMAKES & RETRO ( Some Android )

1942 - Top Down Shooter

Abuse - Open Source

Albion - An all time classic RPG gets a Windows/Linux port

Alex Kidd in Ridley X World - Relive the 1980's in this classic Platformer game!

Aliens vs Marine - AvP marine part ( REMAKE ) FPS

Armalyte - Shooter

Atic Atac - Puzzle

Bad Dudes V Ninjas - Arcade Classic

Baldur's Gate: Reloaded - A complete remake of the original Baldur's Gate in Neverwinter Nights 2

Barbarian - Beat em up/Hack n Slash Remak

Batman - Fan Remake of old cpc game Batman created by OCEAN

Black Sect - Point n Click Adventure


Bruce Lee II - Bruce Lee's Sequel 1984 reborn for the year 2013

BubbleBobble - Platformer Arcade

Bubble Bobble 2 - Flash Retro Arcade

Buggerman : The Heist Xmas - Platformer Festive Fun! (REMAKE)

Cadavar - Amiga Bitmap Brothers platformer

Camelot Warriors - Spectrum Platformer

Captain Blood Legacy - Space Adventur

Capitán Sevilla - Arcade Platformer Remake based on the 1988 classic!

Cauldron : 1985 - Platformer/Shoote

Chex Quest Remastered - 64 bit compatible version of a classic FPS

Chuckie Egg - ZX Spectrum eggy PC Remake!

The Chaos Engine - An amazing classic has returned with some gameplay footage!

Chimera Mac - Retro Remastered ( Puzzle )

Dan Dare - c64 version remake

Dark Reign Redux - RTS

Deuteros X - A Strategy remake that was in the works!

Defender - Shoot em up Retro

Cinemaware Hit Classic - Defender of the Crown now available for Android

Devil's Sphere - Puzzle/Platformer

Dig Dug Roswell - Arcade

Donkey Kong Craze - Platformer Remake

Dungeon Master / Chaos Strikes Back HD - Real Time RPG

Elite : Dangerous - Space Sim ( kickstarter ) and Original, remakes article

Elevator Action - 1983 Retro Remake : Arcade/Platformer/Puzzler

Eye of the Beholder II

Exolon DX - A top quality remake based on the Cecco classic

Friking Shark - Flying Shark

Galaxian 2007 - Shooter

Ghouls n Ghosts - Platformer

Giana’s Return & Purple – Full Versions platformer

Giana Sisters - Classic C64 gameplay, free to play!

Golden Axe Myth - Golden Axe HD

Goody The Remake - A great Spanish Retro game remade

Grand Prix - Retro Racing Remastered!

Hunchback - Arcade Platformer

Hunter HD - Action/Adventure classic gets a remake! 

IO : Into Oblivion - C64 Retro Shooter

iPushover - Classic retro puzzler available for iOS

Jetpack 2 + Original Jetpack creator Platformer

Joe Blade 3 - Arcade Beat em up

Joust 3 revenge of the lava troll - Platformer

Jumpman Forever - A very classic platformer for the modern era (Kickstarter)

Knights and Merchants Remake -Strategy

La-Mulana - HD Platformer

Litil Divil - The Amiga classic available on Steam

Lionheart - Remake Platformer

Lunar Jetman Remake - ZX Spectrum original gets a fantastic PC overhaul! 

The Lords of Midnight - One of the greatest Adventure/War game's remade is now available!

Manic Miner Silver Anniversary Edition - PlatformerMillenipede - inspired by the classic Atari game

Mario and Luigi vs the Furbies - Fan Based Mario Platformer

Megaman An uncertain future - Retro Platformer

Megafenix Reloaded - High quality Shoot Em Up Remake from Coptron Game Studios

Millennium 2.2 - Another great Amiga space strategy with two great remakes!

moon patrol - Arcade

Moon Cresta - Faithful remake of the hit arcade game released in 1980!

Mushroom Kingdom Fusion - Crazy Mario Crossover Platformer

Narco Police - Action Remake

Nebulus - Platformer Retro Remake

NeoRageX HD - A massive collection of the finest NeoGeo games (PC playable)

Nodes Of Yesod - Spectrum Flash

Pacman - With Physics!

Palm Heroes 2 Deluxe - Heroes of Might and Magic

Project AM2R - Metroid 2 Fan Platformer Remake

Pioneer Space Sim - Free Indie Frontier: Elite 2

Pirate Ship Dizzy - C64 Style Fan Made Platformer

Pushover - open source free

PYJAMARAMA (spectrum - - Platformer

Q*bert - A retro puzzling classic appears on Steam!

Realms of Quest IV - 2014 release for the Commodore VIC-20

Rising Storm - Netstorm: Islands At War Tower Defence

Rick Dangerous - Flash Platformer

Rocket Ranger - Cinemaware hits back with an all time classic game (iOS,Android)

Robotz Dx - Enhanced remake of an Atari ST classic

R-Type - Shoot-em-up

R-type 3in1 Collection - Play the epic PC Engine version on your PC for FREE!

Sabre Wulf is back! It's remake time

Scramble x2 - 1981 Very old skool Shooter

Shadow of the Beast HD - Platformer

Sir Fred - ( Remake ) Retro Winner Platformer

Sonic 2 HD - Platformer

Sonic Time Twisted - Retro inspired classic, Act 1 Demo released!

Sonic the Hedgehog Game Land - Free Sonic fan game across 5 zones!

Space Colony HD - Strategy

Special Agent - Retro Platformer

Space Ace - The hit Retro interactive game classic is now available on Steam!

Space Hulk - Remake ( WIP ) - [ Fps / Strategy ]

SpeccyJam - Loved the Spectrum? Check out these Spectrum inspired games

Streets of Rage - beat em up/fighter

Stunt Bike - Free Arcade game that looks a little bit like an Atari 2600 title

SuperFrog ! - Amiga Classic on the PC

Super Mario Bros X - 1.3 Released! Relive those Retro Platforming days

Super Mario Fusion: Revival - Crazy retro inspirational platformer! (Recommended)

Super Mario Eclipse - A fan game based on the hit retro platforming classic

Superfrog HD - Platforming fun coming to PS3 and PS Vita

Super Cars III - PC remake of a top down racing classic! 

Super Mario Fusion: Revival

Super Smash Land - Smash Bro DEMAKE

Sqrxz 4 - Retro inspired platformer by Retroguru ends up on lots of systems!

Tales of Gorluth - Brand new Action Adventure for the Amiga!

The Adventures of Dizzy Junior - Large Dizzy Adventure

The Goonies - Superb Commodore 64 Retro

The Hero's Memory - Zelda Fan Based CRPG

The Pac-Man - High Quality Pacman

Thrust - The latest remake of the hit retro classic from 1986

Thrust Xtreme - Arcade Shooter

Toki HD - Toki Amiga REMAKE : Platformer

Transport Tycoon - Chris Sawyer's classic Transportation Simulator available for Android/iOS

Two Guys SpaceVenture(space quest creators) + kickstarter - Adventure

Uridium - BBC Shooter Remake

Ultima VI Nuvie - Ultima VI in a new engine

Ultima 6 Project - Dungeon Siege : (REMAKE)

Ultimate Bruce Lee - Retro Platformer

Wings Of Death - Shooter

Will's Epic in the Timeless Zone - Jet Set Willy style remake is now available

Wolfram - remake of Wolfenstein 3D

Wonderboy III : The Dragon's Trap - Retro Platformer

Z The Game - Bitmap Brothers hit RTS classic updated for iOS devices (Multiplayer!)

Xevious - Flash Retro shoot em up


Internet Archive adds over 2,388 Dos games to play!


Decisions of the Elders - A fan based Space Quest retro adventure!

Kings Quest The Silver Lining Episode 1 –

Kings Quest 1-3 Remakes

Quest for Glory II Version 2.0 released

Quest for glory 2 (Trial by Fire) adventure

Space Quest IV.5 Roger Wilco And The Voyage Home Adventure )

Space Quest II - Adventure Remake Finally Available!


The Legend Of Amy Rose 1: The Adventure Begins - High Quality fan based Zelda quest

The Legend Of Amy Rose 2: Vaati's Wrath - Enjoy the sequel to the first amazing free Zelda quest!

Promised Lands - Free epic quest full of Zelda RPG qoodness

Zelda Fans Rejoice! - Great Zelda Custom Games ( Zelda Classic )

Zelda: Linked To The Past - A Top Quality fan based Zelda remake